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The main media companies include three print media (Delo, Dnevnik and Večer) and three broadcast media (Radiotelevizija Slovenija, Pro Plus and Antenna TV SL).The biggest remains the public service broadcaster RTV Slovenia, with a 124.7 million euro turnover (2008), of which 62.2% from subscription fees.It wasn't long before the EU-Balkan duo decided to unlock horns.Meet the happy, handsome cello players from Pula and Maribor, most famous for playing a stand-off, stunning version of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, touring with Elton John and making it to the US pounding on the radio.Advertising covers from 1/3 to 1/2 of the main newspapers' budget.Media regulation in Slovenia has oscillated with different political majorities.

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There were 1396 registered media outlets in Slovenia in 2009.

Incidentally, they’re also guilty of being incredibly chatty, insanely talented, and ruggedly handsome.

Watching them play a concert in Maribor two days later, I get my answer. They’re shaved now, their hands firmly control the cellos.

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Once upon a time Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić were rivals.Between 19, when the first Media Law was adopted, the allocation of the main broadcasting frequencies was done by the national authority, the Telecommunications Office, although without legal basis.

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