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“Police officers do respond to calls, reports of crimes or suspicious persons at public toilets and take the action on any suspicious activities they may observe.”On a recent weekday, JCDecaux maintenance technician Peter Vongseni pulled his van onto the sidewalk beside the public toilet outside City Hall.Seeing the green door closed, he waited inside his van for five minutes, then walked up and gave a knock.Prostitution and drug use aren’t what San Francisco bargained for 14 years ago when it allowed a private company to install public restrooms across the city.But among the 25 freestanding units, several have been routinely closed for a week or more because they were regularly hijacked by junkies and sex workers.” volunteered Jim Rokas, a homeless carpenter who sells the Street Sheet newspaper, as he pointed angrily at the gold lettering above the forest green bathroom pod at City Hall that reads “TOILET.”Drugs are commonplace in the units, as they serve as convenient, private spaces that cannot be unlocked from the outside — ideal for getting a quick fix.

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But the bathrooms weren’t designed for the job of cleaning up after drug users who leave needles and the other paraphernalia behind, or those who disable the doors by wedging them shut from the inside.But the network of city toilets isn’t as clean as city officials had first promised.What was intended to be a service for poor residents without access to basic hygiene, as well as a relief for tourists, has become a health hazard for undaunted patrons and the staff who clean and maintain them.After several minutes a bearded man in baggy black jeans and a helmet emerged, wheeling out his bike, as a middle-aged woman dressed in sneakers, dirty jeans and a faded windbreaker followed.

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Then they moved in opposite directions.“Every time I come, there are people inside,” he said.

In fact, the sordid conditions have led JCDecaux to give maintenance workers special training on the health effects of AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and the risks of working in unsanitary conditions.