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02-Sep-2017 19:31

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Photo Credit: 'The CW'Victoria Justice: Season 4, Episode 3 Justice became the queen of Nickelodeon, but her very first role is credited as “Jill #2” in this 2003 episode of the show.

Justice sports some elf ears as an attendee of a “Lord of the Rings”-themed party and says Sookie’s (Mc Carthy) food “tastes like diapers,” proving the lovable chef doesn’t understand what children want. ) Photo Credit: 'The CW'Chad Michael Murray: Season 1 The hunk of the early 2000s was a familiar face on the first season of the show, playing Tristan Dugray, the rich boy who teased Rory, angered Dean (Padalecki), and made all the girls swoon.

During a Facebook Live Q&A this afternoon, Patterson was asked whether he thinks Luke hopes Jess and Rory will end up together. “In a word, ‘yes.’ I think he really is pulling for his nephew.” We don’t know if Lorelai would agree with her new hubby on this one, but it’s nice to know where Luke stands.

Patterson also teased the idea of future episodes when asked why fans didn’t get to see Luke and Lorelai’s originally planned wedding, with the whole town in attendance.

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Photo Credit: 'The CW'Leslie Odom Jr.: Season 6, Episode 16 The “Hamilton” star just won a Tony Award, but 10 years ago, he appeared in one episode as a pompous guy from Princeton who joined Rory on a panel about journalism.

Madeline and Louise ditched the Bangles concert to party with the older Jess (Routh), only to have Lorelai masterfully retrieve them and shut down Jess’ cool-guy attitude Photo Credit: 'The CW'Masi Oka: Season 2, Episode 4 Before he could manipulate time as Hiro Nakamura in “Heroes,” Oka could be seen for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in “Gilmore Girls” when Rory sneaks into a philosophy class at Harvard and quickly dominates the room.