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is all about familiar patterns, refined to their ultimate forms, and presented with a satisfying energy and power.But Musker and Clements also have the sense to pick and choose which tropes make sense for their story.Character movements are based in Polynesian traditional dances and Samoan war dances.Apart from a weak, instantly dated joke about Twitter, the comedy is lively and rambunctious, and it works well to establish the characters.feel like one of many experiments at tinkering with the formula, getting it exactly right.All the beats proceed exactly as expected, but they hit with admirably precise timing, amid a strikingly beautiful landscape where every leaf is rendered with loving clarity.

The fact that he’s a boastful demigod instead of a smug thief seems almost beside the point: Both Maui (Dwayne Johnson) in are flashy, arrogant, and headed for breakdowns when they realize the limits of their talents.Similarly my daughter called her Dad Pops and the Grandchildren started calling him Papi (Poppy).The word "tattoo" is now the most common word to describe the art and process throughout the English-speaking world.She doesn’t even need a love interest to define her story.

Maui, a tattooed trickster with all Johnson’s gleaming-toothed charm, is compelling, but he’s also ageless and inhuman, so it’s a relief when he doesn’t start giving his traveling companion the hey-baby eye.And they’re both overshadowed by their plucky young protégés, who start out less cocksure and brash, so they suffer smaller falls whenever they hit a crisis of confidence.