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I've tried signing into the app with my username/email address and password but your app isn't accepting it. Then, when i tried to search again an hour later, it said "no results" no matter who, how or where i looked.Our web host is not able to resolve the errors with emojis due to a database compatiblity issue so if you want to avoid the errors, avoid emojis. No results was the response each and every time for every location on the planet. There are at least 60 different kind of gender identities n many r non binary. Once your album is created you can upload photos and select one as an album cover, too. - Yes, go to Account in the top menu bar, select Notifications, and make sure the box is checked for Email to receive notifications when there is a new message in your inbox. - Spammers sometimes target this site and if we find a spam account, we delete messages they sent.Why do I have to validate my email address by clicking a link? It is possible you will see messages from spammers disappear as a result. - After you login click on Account then Settings and next Delete my account. - Male to female transgender woman (not all choose to use this label). - Female to male transgender man (not all choose to use this label). - Click here for a more detailed discussion on the subject than we can provide. - If we receive requests for this option we might add this.Theres got to be an easier more simplified way by way of links to my profile etc.Please help I do enjoy your app but with the difficulty uploading pix I honestly rarely use it.

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Try that instead. I still can not upload images to my profile. There is no back button on the iphone app because the iphone doesn't have a back button, unlike most other phones and devices.