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She thus became his "temporary wife." In Shiism, the a man's prerogative under sharia law to divorce his wife by simple repudiation].While these measures weakened conjugal bonds of affection, they also served to compensate men who had acquiesced to the rules of the new theocratic state.I also didn't have money to pay for tuition for my last semester of school. He stopped showing any interest in us moving into our own home.In the Iranian culture, when a woman marries, her family must give her a dowry [] in the form of kitchen appliances or furniture to take with her to her new home.But in my situation at the time, I didn't have enough money to even buy a cup." We're interrupted by the ringing of Maryam's phone.As soon as she puts the receiver to her ear, her dismal mood transforms.Therefore, when Ahmad wanted to come back to me, I accepted.Our relationship was purely physical, and nothing else.

I am tall and handsom but Have no choice to find my love and i still alone unfortunately I am tall and athletic and i play I am a lovely and kind girl, I care about people and I respect them. there is love in this world I am passionate about my dreams, even when I'm nothing yet, I try my best I was born to Iran and grown up this country.

Along the western edge of Tehran, skyscrapers and slums stand side by side.

Here, in the district of Punak, Maryam lives with her younger sister, Zahra, in a tiny house.

Sometimes i go to the park and lessen tomy name is Patric and I am so emotional and some times explosive.

some time I want to go out door by my friends and I like travel to overall the world.

Past a windowless foyer, there is a kitchen with a single gas burner and a sink held up by a knot of rusty pipes, plates piled beneath it. Wearing thick, black-framed glasses, she works away at the rug on the beam during our conversation.