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23-Nov-2017 10:18

But, really, people who criticized it are people who think women should not be paid the same as men. ' And he's like, 'Are you going to ask if I'm okay? "That night got crazy." I suggest that the next time Lawrence embraces the porcelain, Adele should be in the corner singing as a distraction. Mixing 'time with Woody' [insert wink] with time at the bar." She shakes her head. "I think I started paying attention to fashion as soon as paparazzi started happening a few years ago," she recalls. "I could not believe it when they signed me [to be in their campaigns]," she says.So I don't really care what those people think." At the Golden Globes, host Ricky Gervais cracked, "Jennifer Lawrence … It's so gross.' " Add to that party compadre Woody Harrelson. He stayed over in one of my guest bedrooms, but that's where I started puking. "And I'd gone so long without making a mistake."Even though she is a huge, megaton celebrity, Lawrence says she makes new friends easily. There were a few years where I had to get used to everything, but now I am. Then I'll hang out with a friend to count down the hours of my wasteful life. "They fly me to Paris and get me hotel rooms, and I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? ' " She adds, as an aside, "I couldn't renew my contract quickly enough." On the red carpet, Lawrence has been a veritable Dior show, her most successful looks being, like Lawrence herself, bold and no-frills.

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He stars in the film alongside Lily Collins, who plays his wife Edith Bratt.

If we are moving forward in a society, you are feeling stronger as a woman, and you want to be taken more seriously. All those things that can keep you from asking for what you want or making mistakes." Lawrence will readily admit to making a mistake or two, although her stories have more of a bawdy, good-time flavor. ' And I'm like, 'I don't feel like I have a normal body.' I do Pilates every day.

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