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05-Jul-2018 15:37

I didn’t do it because I needed money, although the money was nice.

I didn’t do it to get famous, I never wanted to be a porn ‘star’.

I feel like this topic is more of a discussion peice than a monologue.

Moving right along, “Hot Girls Wanted” is a documentary about amateur girls, usually 18-22 getting into the porn business.

” Or if he’s looking down past his giant, hairy gut & double chin at this super model who doesn’t speak English and thinks “if I hadn’t basically paid for this she would never have had sex with me”.

Not in the prostitute-by-the-hour way, but in the living with each other and having children together kind of way. Maybe it doesn’t matter if both parties are getting what they want?

To be fair, the two couples who ended up getting married and living in the US seemed genuinely happy with each other. They weren’t charasmatic, charming, but just average looking dudes.

The guy…I wonder if during sex he’s just thinking “Wahoo!

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I got into this business around the age of 30 and was never exploited.

That seemed to be the main motivator for the girls in this documentary: money, to make it ‘big’ (they loved the attention/compliments/ego stroking) and often they wanted a way out of their small town.

What I struggle with here is that the girls are so young and naive, they are so easily taken advantage of, often encouraged to do things they aren’t comfortable with.

Being in control of my own scenes and deciding who I had sex with was plenty profitable and better suited to my control-freak personality.

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At The English Mansion it was always a collaboration.

Right now I wish Ceara Lynch was here to discuss this.

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