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For example, you Canadians say "grade 5" and we say "5th grade"...despite pronouncing it the same way. My sister-in-law who has lost almost any trace of the minor Canadian accent she had, still says "grade 5".different accents in different areas of the country...australia, usa, canada etc...however for some reason...people ALWAYS comment on my accent and how it is not that i have just returned from canada after 7 months of living there suddenly i have picked up a canadian accent when people asked me BEFORE i left...where i am from because i don't sound australian..they can't tell.then other australians say, i don't have a "sydney" accent or an australian i apparently sound canadian!!!??? New Yorkers (Fran from "The Nanny" has a strong one, Rosie O'Donnell has a less noticeable one), Bostonians (President John F. Where I'm from in lower Michigan is different from people in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. "But the majority of the people where I live in Idaho speak almost exactly like the majority of the people I've met from Arizona, California, Washington, Nebraska, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, and yes, I've met some people in BC and Alberta that speak almost the same too"BRIANiac, I've noticed that too.accents schmaccents...."My gf is from Virginia and I call her a yankee all the time and she says well virginia is south of the mason dixon line I say close enough lol."I'm from Michigan, and I have heard people call Kentucky a southern state, even though it's north of the Mason-Dixon line (I'm pretty sure). Kennedy), and New Jerseans, have different accents from eachother. Alot of Indiana and Ohio people sound like me, but southern Indiana is different from northern Indiana (not quite a southern accent, though). I think it's a "Standard American Accent" because it can be found in more than just one region, and people in movies always seem to be taught to talk like me. I'm still trying to find out what my accent is called.

(meant caster oil)" and the other said "We don't have castrol" (motor oil) "no, I mean castroil" They went back and forth until I interpreted for them.

(My mom says "woof" instead of "wolf" despite having the same accent as I do..I correct her every time.

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