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In ancient Rome, sex workers lived within religious temples and offered their services as part of the greater religious context.

A special class of Roman prostitute, the hetara, doubled as entertainers, and they were the wealthiest and most powerful women in their society.

Published on Thu, Dec 27, 2012 ( a.m.) Submitted by The Las Vegas Escorts Although prostitution and Las Vegas seem to go hand-in-hand, many people do not realize that prostitutes are not officially legal within the city limits.

Nevada does have legalized prostitution in the form of brothels, but these exist in only the smaller counties; Reno and Las Vegas do not have brothels.

This is similar to the geisha in Japan, who primarily served as entertainers in addition to providing paid sex.

This long-standing tradition of sex workers providing non-sexual entertainment paved the way for the modern day notion of outcall entertainment.

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Each brothel may employ up to 50 workers, and these workers undergo rigorous health screenings to ensure that they remain disease-free.Similar clubs and venues exist across the country, but the reputation of Las Vegas may encourage more sexual activity to take place there than in other states.