Candice crawford tony romo dating

25-Dec-2017 00:38

Sources tell Celeb that Romo, 29, has been "getting very cozy" with the 22-year-old former Miss Missouri.

The hot new couple presumably met by mixing business with pleasure.

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Romo successfully dodged giving the real media the scoop on this one, and instead announced it to a classroom of students.

Candice Crawford and Tony Romo officially got engaged Thursday night, as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback proposed to the former Miss Missouri while they were celebrating her 24th birthday.

In case you haven't been paying attention, this is significant given Romo's dating history.

However, one also suspects they were more than "just friends," as they say. She also sang the national anthem at last year's Super Bowl. And let's face it, bums like you and I have no right to nitpick anyway.

When Romo started dating Jessica Simpson in November 2007, he officially became the NFL's most famous Lothario.The happy couple was married at Arlington Hall, which is apparently a popular Dallas wedding destination.

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