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22-Oct-2017 12:54

From time to time, my day job takes me to Nairobi, a city I did not love upon first visit, but have come to appreciate over time.

Both the weather and social climate can feel cool at first and take some getting used to.

The forced safari pushed me to really get to know the city, and everything it had to offer.

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A couple of weeks ago, while having a lovely lunch of grilled chicken and goat ribs, I noticed that my colleague, Lynda, had on a stunning pair of shoes. The shoe guys had a nice little set up with an old singer sewing machine, that reminded me of a very early dispatch from Malawi.Girls in particular become extremely vulnerable and desperately need money, and as a result they become the main target for prostitution.Since prostitution is such a profitable activity many families in Kenya allow their children to get into the prostitution industry at a very young age in order to get money.What I love about these shoes is that they recycle fabric remains (likely a deal the cobblers have set up with dressmakers in the market) and that the reuse is so one of a kind.

My shoes, though identical in style and print to Linda’s, have their own asymmetrical charm as the fabric scraps are laid out slightly differently on my shoes than on hers.

I should note that in addition to reserved Kenyan culture, security threats add to the chilly atmosphere.

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The production of the footage on Survivor takes a huge crew, with more than 350 people on location alone, from the locals who do everyone's laundry to the caterers who stock buffet lines and send meals out to the crews charged with constantly monitoring and filming the contestants.… continue reading »

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Having allowed ourselves an extra day before we had to feed the masses, we decided to take a fairly direct route to Mont Tremblant, so we could make the most of our time away.… continue reading »

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