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07-Sep-2017 09:47

Run this, it downloads and sets the wallpaper just once, doesn’t display any notification, and closes immediately.Please note: Windows Smart Screen complained when we downloaded the simple build, most probably because it didn’t exist until a few minutes ago, but it’s entirely safe to use.So you’ll ended this up by setting your own photos as wallpaper.

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Leave it running and the program automatically updates your wallpaper every 24 hours.If in spite of being connected to the Internet, you face problems, you may want to reset Windows Spotlight preferences and settings and see if that helps.These following steps would let you reset the Windows Spotlight settings in Windows 10 – there is no need of any software, though.Bing Wallpaper is easy to use and the images are great, but we’re not sure it has enough functionality to justify yet another system tray icon and background application.

If you’d prefer something simpler, we stripped out the resident part and recompiled the program as a "simple" version.Bing Wallpaper and the stripped-back Bing Wallpaper (simple) are available for Windows 7 and later.