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Mannix, 46, a former journalist, still maintains a website devoted to cyber romance.On it she offers what she calls "The Single Speak Decoder", a fairly brutal guide to interpreting what people really mean when they describe themselves in their singles profiles."We do get women who want to post bare-breasted photos of themselves and they complain we don't allow them when they are allowed to bare themselves on the beach.

For example, from the US comes a selection of Christian only services, one called Adam Meet Eve, as well as a range for Jews such as JDate or YID (Your Ideal Date), and for Muslims there is Islamic Singles.On the more specialised "adult friendship" sites such as they might be more selective, posting pictures of just those parts of the anatomy they think might be of most interest to those they want to meet.Soulmates' communications director Carole Siegemund says her site allows men to display their bare torsos but bans women from doing the same.No matter what some might say about facial appearance being superficial, it seems an essential sexual cue in selecting a partner.

Adelaide University Ph D student Carl Stephan has made a study of facial preferences.I have met about 20 guys this way." Most of those who post their profiles on the mainstream sites - like Soulmates or RSVP - are looking for love, a relationship or sex, but some are just looking for a friend, a pen pal or, in at least one case, a kayaking partner.